Iain Compton



mfselfie MMI am a British game developer and photographer living in Košice. Born in Scotland, I have lived all over Europe as new jobs took me to new cities and countries. Prior to landing in Slovakia, I lived in Nottingham, Paris, Dublin, the Black Forest area of Germany, Madrid and Kyiv.

I am a self-taught photographer who shoots with a variety of vintage analogue cameras including 35mm, medium format and view cameras. I own a large selection of Soviet, German and Japanese equipment dating from the 1930s to the modern day. Sometimes I still shoot digital work too! I scan and edit all of my analogue work digitally ready for publication to the web or printing.

My most recent exhibition was in Košice and was a study of the architectural contrasts in the city, shot on black and white medium format film.


My favourite style of photography is black and white. I feel that good pictures are all about exploring contrasts, and black and white removes the distraction of colour leaving nothing but contrast. Within that, I shoot anything that stays still for long enough – animals, people, landscapes, machinery, and abstract textures. I almost always have a camera with me wherever I go. If I do not have a DSLR over my shoulder I will usually have a small 35mm rangefinder or a folding medium format camera in my bag.

I started photography as a boy. A relative bought me a 110 camera as a Christmas gift and I shot a lot of film with it. Later I worked for the White Dwarf magazine in Nottingham, England where, among my duties as a writer, I also had to photograph using 4×5 and 8×10 rail-mounted systems. A few years ago, I bought a used DSLR from eBay and started taking the hobby more seriously. Eventually I replaced the old DSLR with a more modern one and started a love affair with Soviet analogue cameras. I lived in Kyiv where FEDs, Zenits, Kievs and Lubitels were cheap and abundant. I started collecting and never stopped.

I have a portfolio and blog site where I share my photos and thoughts about photography as well as my camera collection.